Anti Theft Solution for your Mobile Device


the APP for an everyday usage! 


Lock your device by a swipe. Define presets to take care on predefined situations (school, library, hotel,…)


if DevPro is activated it is running in the background and stays permanently active. It only can be stopped by Face ID® or Touch ID®.


Define your own alerts. Use existing sounds or create an own sound/message (.wav file). Save your defaults as presets.


We’re overriding the volume settings.  You can use a pre-alert to give you the time to react if there is a unexpected but nessecary move. Otherwise it will imediatelly alert with a noisy sound.

We developed a security APP to protect most effectivly a mobile device

Mobile devices are more and more part of our daily life. Protecting devices and the data stored on them from theft is an important issue.

We have therefore created an autonomous APP with a maximum of security. Reliable movement alarm only with Face ID® or Touch ID® to disable.
We produced the car alert system for your device.

Highly flexible and 100 % reliable

We thought about some features to get the solution easy and most reliable to protect an IOS device.

How it works

Just one swipe and you have activiated an alert only stoppable with Face ID® or Touch ID®. No code you can forget.

Presets of different alerts alows yout to take care  of different situations.

 Every motion of the device will cause an alert like a car alarm system.

The Alert

we defined a possibility to adjust the sensitivity of the reaction, the volume of the sound and a pre-alert.

Predefined alert sounds can be used and in addition own .wav files or indivually recorded messenges.

Alert can only be deactivated on an unlocked device or by unlocking the device. So we take care of code, TouchID and FaceID as Apple does.

What’s different

We are using the funktionality of an IOS device. No special code for deactivating is needed. TouchID or FaceID is enough. We take care to run the alert in the background.

Even if the phone is muted, we override it to protect the device reliable. Even if the device is in sleep mode, it will work!

Why we developed DevPro…

IIC Innovative International Consulting, founded in 2001,  is doing a consulting business to help SW vendors to go international. We travel a lot around the world and carry most of the time 3-4 devices with us. We saw a wide range of situation where we wanted to protect our devices. This product was first developed for our own purpose but we want to share it with You.

Some Situations we recognized …


Traveling a lot we missed the possibility to leave the devices at a table during pinking up breakfast at a buffet or grabbing a coffee.


Leaving the device on a desk in the office is also risky. We secure the motion of the device where we also take care on the sensitivity means if you want to do so, you can allow slightly moves, but not lifting.


Have you ever been to a library and wanted to leave your device on your desk while you pick up a book from the shelf? Did you have a strange feeling about it?

There are endless other situations where you should take DevPro  – and secure your device


We love to hear abut your ideas and experiences with DevPro. Keep us informed about situation where DevPro was most helpful for You.

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