100% secure on iOS and PadOS. We work in the background and can only be stopped by FaceID or TouchID. We recognize every movement of the device and also when it is unplugged.

Fast and easy

Define a preset and access the specific definitions for your individual situations. The presets can also be accessed via widgets.

Settings - flexible as you need

We react to the movement or unplugging of the device. You can set the sensitivity, the volume of the alarm and the melody used. You can also define your own funny sounds for an alarm – all this can be saved as a preset.

Next Generation Security APP

What is DevPro

We travel a lot and were looking for a solution to secure our expensive devices on tables in restaurants, in the office, in a library, during a trade fair, …
The idea was to secure the devices through motion detection, but in relation to the situation. That’s why we developed “presets” that allow you to quickly select the specific security level for the situation at one touch.

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100% Security – Protect your Device !


All features includes

DevPro – Light

Limited features but free!

Outstanding Features


name different presets for different situations you often find yourself in.


The sensitivity of the vibration reaction is not the same in every situation. We allow you to determine the level yourself.


Define a volume matching the need of a situation


Various sounds are integrated as standard. But you are free to record your own unusual sounds.

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100% security solution for iOS and PadOS,
Protect your devices with motion detection on the highest level.

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